Limited edition: This fabric is Cirre and not Supplex - it's firm and not so stretchy/flexible as supplex so it might feel thighter around the body


The cutest bra to do hot yoga in. Twisted detail in the front criss cross back.

Designed for small shapes and sizes.


  • Ideal for Hot Yoga
  • You can also wear it as a bikini top
  • Ideal cup size: A 
  • Ideal size: Small


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$20.00Sale Price
  • CARE

    • Machine wash safe
    • Use cold water only
    • Recommend to flat dry for long shine of the fabric
    • Do not use bleach

    Ciré is a highly glazed wax finish applied to fabric through a process of heat and pressure which is giving a wet or polished look. 

    Less stretchy than our regular fabric supplex.